The Sun Safe City Program is a new non-profit organization created to heighten awareness of the dangers of excess sun exposure. To begin with, the program has set as its goal to educate the citizens of Davis, California and particularly its children and their families, about sun-smart behavior.
Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause serious health effects, including skin cancer and other skin disorders, eye damage and cataracts, as well as immune system suppression. Currently, one in five Americans develop skin cancer during their lifetime. The incidence of melanoma, the most serious type of cancer, is increasing faster than almost every other form of cancer.
Davis, California is well-known as a desirable city to live in given both its sunny climate and the many “healthy” outdoor activities either available or offered to its citizens. Since 80% of our lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18, and Davis children and families spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, the target group for Sun Safe City activities will be elementary school age children and their families that participate in outdoor school, community and recreational activities
The Sun Safe City Program was organized to serve as a resource and to help identify and implement city-wide activities that, for example, will successfully raise children’s (and parents’) awareness of simple sun safety practices.

Additionally, with a dermatologist on our board, we can serve as focus for reliable sun education/sun safety information for all affected groups and provide accurate and appropriate presentations to local Davis community groups upon request.